What We Do


We make sure that your team is equipped with the know-how as they install, operate and maintain your security and network systems.  Our approach is hands-on to ensure the individual or team understands the information in our lessons.  One of the ways we do this is by explaining and giving trainees the opportunity to use the features, ask questions and to fully operate the system.

Our Training Encompasses:

  • Hands on Familiarization: You get to see and touch the equipment.  Our trainers give you a brief description of the equipment, its internal parts, and purpose.
  • Textbook Discussion: We go into details of how the external and internal parts of the equipment functions.  Our trainers will inform you of equipment capabilities, proper use, troubleshooting technics, corrective and preventive maintenance.  You will view and receive a photo and video training guide for reference of equipment installation, maintenance, and deinstallation.
  • Practice on the Equipment: You get to operate the equipment, and perform its capabilities through structured exercises.
  • Referencing Software: Our software training classes and application manuals have index video training tutorials.

All Training Products & Services are Provided at a Reasonable Price!