About Us

Vision & Mission


Be a Convenience to Our Customers

Give Our Employees a Workplace where they will Enjoy and find Fulfillment in What They Do

Be the Standard and GoTo Company for Exceptional Services and Products


Provide Good Written and Oral Communication to Our Employees and Customers  

Why We Do It:  So much can go wrong when information is missing and or not simplified in speech and or writing; this leads to: many bad business practices, conflicts between businesses, and dysfunction within a company.

How We Do It:

  1. Make a documented process for every objective, turn the documented process into a checklist, and execute each item on the checklist
  2. Compare the desired outcome to the actual outcome and take notes of how we can do better
  3. Include our staff and customers on our decisions, the reason(s) for our decisions, and what we will achieve with the decisions we made
  4. Verbally or Orally, repeat objectives back to our customers and staff members

Provide Quality and Timely Services to Our Customers

Short Story 1:  Imagine yourself at a fast food restaurant drive-through, you order a cheeseburger with pickles and mustard, no ketchup and no onions.  You pull up to the window to pay the cashier and receive your’ order, you open up the bag and find that your cheeseburger has ketchup, mustard, and onions on it but no pickles…

Problem:  This is not good service, you just wasted your time waiting on something you did not order and if you decide to have your order fixed it will take more of your time.

Solution:  Pay close attention to the customer’s requests and do all that you can to ensure a timely delivery of their order.

Short Story 2:  While on vacation I was having mail delivered to my home, the mail was supposed to arrive between 8 AM and 12PM.  I had somewhere else to be at 1 PM, the mail handler did not arrive at my place until 12:45 PM.  I did not receive a call from the mail handler or notification from his company stating that my package would be late.  All other tasks for the day had to be rescheduled for a later time…

Problem:  Untimely delivery of services and or products is an inconvenience…  I had to reschedule the rest of my day because there was no communication of my delivery arriving late.

Solution:  Communicate the status of your objectives so everyone is informed.  This allows people to make informed decisions based upon what the circumstance is. Find out why the person was late and see what you and or he/she can do to avoid and or overcome the challenge in the future.

Provide Services to Our Customers for a Reasonable Price

I want CMG Resource to achieve its financial objectives however, I do not want to do it by overcharging our customers.

How We Do It:

  1. CMGR will not hire two people to do a job that one person can do.
  2. CMGR will not raise the cost of a contract by selling services and or products to its customers that aren’t necessary.
  3. We will budget and manage our finances to ensure our overhead and contract direct costs are low.
  4. We will not charge our customer for the development of products and services that are not directly related to the contract.